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Revolutionary patio cover with rotatable and open-sliding aluminium blades

The roof consists of roof blades that can be rotated to control sun protection and ventilation. It can also slide open to provide the maximum amount of sunlight and an uninterrupted view. When closed, the roof is perfectly flat. The patented S-Drive technology guarantees a durable, dependable rotating and sliding technology. This ensures the roof opens in one smooth motion.
Rainwater drains off to the columns via the integrated water guide channels. Even when opening the roof after a rain shower, the water-drainage system of the blades ensures that furniture and people on the terrace stay protected. Skye can be constructed in different ways: free standing, attached to an outer wall, or connected on the Pivot side.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 9.31.34 am.png
renson 1.JPG

Integrated windproof Fixscreens, sliding glass walls, and Loggia sliding panels provide endless personalisation choices.
Extra ambiance and comfort are created by direct or indirect LED lighting on the upper frame, in the columns, or next to speakers and heating elements. 

Skye fits any architectural style due to its clean design and its availability in any RAL colour.

Complete control

renson c.JPG

Fully closed

renson b.JPG

Full control

renson a.JPG

Fully open

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