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Plantation Shutters

Our stunning selection of interior shutters can really transform any room creating a modern, timeless style for your windows and can be custom painted or stained to suit your colour palette. Available in a range of fi nishes (Basswood, Cedar, Paulonia, Polymer) which means depending on the location of the shutter we can give you the best product for the job. Ehi’s interior shutters allow you to control light without losing privacy. Custom made to suit your home, shutters are available in your choice of fixed, hinged, bifold or sliding options.

Responsible, Conscious & Safe Shutters to suit any decor and interior design.

After many years of research we confidently bring you a safe, quality, eco, custom-made, one of a kind plantation shutter fitted by our team of qualified carpenters. 

  All our materials are sourced from eco-friendly channels

  Our timber is harvested from responsible and sustainable plantations

  Our shutters are low-voc using only certified non-toxic water based paints and materials

  Safe for the whole family to use

  With over 30 years of research our shutters are made with absolute precision offering the highest quality

  100% recyclable - working towards a sustainable future

  Assembled with care and expertise

  Available in a complete range of market trending colours with custom colours available upon request

  Paints & stains are specially formulated, UV resistant, environmentally friendly, low-voc and only water based paints are used.

A classic window covering plantation shutters offer a timeless and sleek appeal. With thermal properties, light control, durability, functionality complete privacy our shutters offer you unrivaled quality for your peace of mind. The extensive range of materials and finishes ensures a shutter style to suit any home interior and decor.

Choose your style

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Basswood Series

The classic choice designed to bring
warmth and character to your home.
Basswood is a superior hardwood ideal
for producing shutters due to its light
weight and warp resistant properties.
Well known for been hardy and long
lasting with a fine grain texture resulting
in a smooth finish.

cedar series plantation shutters 1.JPG

Cedar Series

A prestigious timber with natural
character & charm. Cedar is light weight
and rich in texture which will transform
your home with style and elegance.
It has a natural aroma and excellent
thermal & acoustic properties.

paulownia plantation shutters 1.JPG


Our only shutter with a natural wood
grain effect - Solid light weight timber
option classifi ed as a deciduous
hardwood that is stable and strong with
beautiful grain character. An affordable
designer product with full thermal

Polymer Series

Ideal for wet areas and kitchens.

The modern alternative to traditional wooden shutters and are virtually maintenance free bringing a touch of understated elegance to any interior with their soft, matte look.


Basswood Series - The natural choice​


The best surface finish of any shutter on the market. Basswood is among the straightest of hardwoods globally and is ideal for producing shutters.

Whilst being very strong and lightweight, we have a wide range of frames to suit your interior designs and styles.



Combining materials to create more possibilities. Basstech combines a basswood frame and non-toxic polysmart blades to achieve the functional and thermal properties.

Cedar Series - A prestigious timber with natural character and charm


Cedar is light weight and rich in texture which will transform your home with style and elegance.

It has excellent thermal and acoustic properties. The most dimensionally stable timber Canadian Western Red Cedar has a beautiful natural aroma



Combining the best materials to create the perfect ambiance. A clever all-purpose solution.

cedar series plantation shutters 1.JPG

Paulownia - Our only shutter with a natural wood grain effect

Solid light weight timber with open grain. Paulownia is classified as a deciduous hardwood that has a silky light golden – blonde colour. The solid light weight timber is finished with an open grain that adds character.

Customised and made to measure.

Contact us to arrange a measure and quote, or visit the showroom in Cranbrook Road, Batemans Bay.

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