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INTRUDAGUARD ® Security Mesh

The IntrudaGuard® range is constructed from specially tempered 5052 marine grade perforated aluminium sheet with a more contemporary look and feel as well as being slightly lighter on the pocketbook. 


Benefits of INTRUDAGUARD ® 

  Tested to Australian Standard AS5039-2008 for maximum impact and shear resistance

  Enjoy clear unobstructed 125 degree angle of view

  Specially tempered 5052 marine grade aluminium

  Distinctive 60° staggered pitch, round hole, perforated design

  WERS rated for UV resistance and energy efficiency

  Superior protection against flying and crawling insects and pests

  Corrosion resistant

  10 year warranty

  Available in a range of frame colours

  Includes standard hardware

  3 point locking mechanism

security door swatches.JPG

Talk to us, your local Amplimesh® Authorised Expert for a wide selection of colour and finishing options to make your security door or window screen fit your home. Alternately, download the Amplimesh product guide brochure.

Customise your Security Screen

Technical specifications

Produced with only the highest quality materials and rigorously tested at the Amplimesh NATA approved facility, IntrudaGuard® security screens are designed to withstand even the most aggressive would-be intruder, and everything nature can throw at them.

IntrudaGuard® security screens and doors are assembled using a unique bonding process to hold the perforated shield in place, which eliminates the need for visible screws, rivets, pins and snap-ins. The screen is constructed from a single sheet of specially tempered marine grade aluminium, which features a distinguished perforated design.

Secure, stylish and affordable. IntrudaGuard® offers class leading view from an aluminium perforated screen. It allows fresh air into your home, reduces glare but allows natural light and the warmth of the sun’s rays and the coolness of a light breeze. All while defending your home and your family.

Amplimesh security with ehi 5
Amplimesh security with ehi 6
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