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Our Curtain Collection is the perfect finishing touch – adding a visual element of textural depth and dimension to transform an interior space, whilst offering a level of practicality at the window to enhance your home environment. Designed to effortlessly layer and coordinate with all our Window Coverings, our carefully curated fabric collection delivers a beautiful range of high-quality fabrics and styles to help you complete your custom interior look.
Ainslie, Lucinda & the ehi team

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains feature a soft, lightweight woven fabric that elegantly diffuses sunlight to naturally brighten up a room while also retaining some daytime privacy.  They add a modern layer of softness to the space and are great for layering over window coverings.


Beautiful Fabrics

Our carefully curated fabric range has been hand selected by our in house designer to deliver an extensive colour palette and effortless patterns, plains, and soft textural sheers to easily layer into any space and create a beautiful lasting interior.


Mix & Match

The curtain fabric collection has been designed to beautifully mix fabric patterns and textures over all the different types of ehi Window Coverings.

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