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Amazing versatility

Honeycomb blinds are a stylish, functional, versatile, energy efficient window covering solution.  They are perfect for any size or shaped window and offer insulating properties to control room temperature without compromising on style.  The unique structure of Honeycomb blinds means that hot air is trapped in the honeycomb cells, slowing down the transfer of hot air from outside-to-in and inside-to-out.

Honeycomb blinds offer a variety of fabrics in a range of colours and styles, which provide for a wide choice of décor possibilities.  There are also a number of different operating systems and design options to choose from. Available in all shapes and sizes, Honeycomb blinds offer a functional solution to some of the most unusual shaped windows. There is no need for them to operate vertically, meaning they are great for use in other areas of the home such as over skylights

Choose your opacity

sunscreen 1.JPG


Sunscreen fabrics allow for heat and light control whilst maintaining your view. Perfect for reducing glare and heat in a room exposed to the sun. Layer with blockout fabrics for night time privacy.

sheer 1.JPG


Sheer fabrics give daytime privacy and some filtered view through subject to the texture and weave. Layer with blockout fabrics to give night time privacy. 



Translucent fabrics screen out harsh light, but do not allow a view through. They bring texture or patterns to light coming into a room whilst providing daytime and night time privacy. 



Blockout fabrics offer the ultimate level of privacy, day and night whilst helping to insulate the room. Blockout fabrics offer room darkening capabilities. Ideal for bedrooms and home theatre / TV rooms.

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