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Spring into summer with an outdoor style refresh

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Outdoor is the new indoor!!

Image credit: The Balcony Garden

In Australia, outdoor spaces should command as much attention and usage, as indoor and the fact that homes are now focusing evenly on outdoor settings is a shift that has been happening of late, and I love it!

There’s no denying that outdoor entertaining is synonymous with the Australian way of life and having a beautifully styled alfresco space that looks great and functions just as well really ups the enjoyment factor.

Here, Lucinda from lcdesign suggests a few easy steps to follow to ensure your “outdoor room” is as stylish as it is functional.

- Blend indoor & outdoor living

​My ideal alfresco area creates a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. Outdoor alfresco designs should feature lots of standing room, a few options for seating where you can sit or relax, and easy access to the kitchen. For family homes, it’s also ideal for an alfresco area to look out over the backyard, which hopefully has a patch of turf for the kids to play on.

- Add soft furnishing

Outdoor cushions - Using cushions in your alfresco area would have to be my number 1 styling tip. It’s the quickest and easiest way to jazz up the space and make it feel like home. Keep it simple by using the same colours and patterns you’ve used inside.

Outdoor rugs - A rug may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re styling an outside space, but whether they’re inside or outside, rugs are the glue that holds different pieces together and makes them a ‘zone’ rather than a collection of individual items. And because rugs are traditionally indoor pieces they are really effective at making an outdoor space feel warm, inviting and like an extension of the home. Make sure the rug is an ‘outdoor’ rug so it can withstand all that nature throws at it.

- Love your lighting

Set the mood with different types of lights. Down lights, wall lights & pendants. The right pendant light can be the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to nailing your outdoor room.

- Add Greenery

Every single outdoor space looks better with some greenery – it’s a must!. Pots can be as important as the plants, it’s worth having a splurge here. Bigger is usually better!

- Create privacy & shade

Your window coverings inside the home are a key styling item, right? Well, so are your exterior protection, privacy and shade coverings. There are now so many stylish options when it comes to outdoor solutions; awnings, louvred roofs, aluminium shutters, retractable screens & more.

- Fire pit

Even though the warmer months are coming, a fire pit is still a must have addition to any outdoor entertaining area. You can create an elaborate fire pit area, or you can keep it very low key and simply arrange chairs in a circle around the fire pit.

- Make it cosy

to enjoy all year round make your alfresco suer comfy with heating and cooling options.

Image credit: The Balcony Garden

Now go out and enjoy the summer!

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Image credits via: The Balcony Garden

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