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5 Ways to Cosy up your home this Winter

Natural timbers & rugs = Cosy

With the sun setting earlier and the temperature beginning to drop, it's safe to say that winter is well and truly on its way.

If you're looking for ways to cosy-up your home for the cooler months ahead, here are five ways to get your interior winter ready.

1. Update Your Window Furnishings- if your home is in need of a window coverings update for winter, consider investing in honeycomb thermal blinds or eco plantation shutters. Both act as great insulators and also prove a more fitting style for winter-inspired interiors.

2. Cover hard floors with a rug or two– If you live in a home with hardwood or tiled floors, winter is the perfect time to invest in a beautiful plush rug. Keep your toes warm with a sustainable crafted rug that is made from natural fibres for added luxury & warmth.

3. Create mood lighting– During the cooler climates, it's recommended for lighting to be more ambient, so try swapping out any existing fluorescent bulbs for softer, warmer styles.

For a more rustic approach, simply light your favourite candle and pop it in a jar.

4. Add Natural elements -  Clever use of natural materials such as timber and leather can also add instant warmth to a room. Whether it's a beautiful timber coffee table, a simple timber stack or comfortable leather couch, natural elements create an appealing space. Human beings have an innate connection with natural materials, says Lucinda. It helps us to feel more grounded and connected to our environment.

Natural materials keep us feeling cosy

5. Channel your inner baker- There are few things like the scent of freshly-baked cookies to get you excited about winter. If the weather’s got you feeling down, try baking up a batch of Anzac cookies or cinnamon tea cake (favourites in our house) to fill your home with delicious scents.

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