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6 Reasons why you need our eco shutters in your home.

Living an eco-minded, sustainable, green safe life in the home doesn’t mean you have to go to extreme measures. With small steps you can create a lighter footprint and safer atmosphere in your home.

Prioritising your family’s health means selecting the right materials for interior furnishings is crucial. By choosing certified non-toxic, low voc materials that are recyclable, responsibly and sustainable sourced you will be able to create your own safe and nurturing sanctuary.

Start you your healthy home Journey with our eco plantation shutters.


Reasons why:

1. Certified Non – Toxic/Low VocThe materials, paints and stains used to make our eco plantation shutters have been tested for harmful toxins and certified as low-voc & toxic free. This means there will be no harmful off-gas polluting the internal atmosphere in your home.

2. Thermal Qualities– When it comes to the thermal performance of your home, window treatments are probably one of the most neglected and underrated part of the building process. Up to 40% of home heating and cooling energy is lost via the windows. Eco shutters will help reduce your home’s energy consumption by offering heat reflection during summer months and will act as an insulator an in the winter.

3. Ventilation– One of the most practical and effective ways to accomplish sustainability and green-living, is through natural ventilation. Ventilation is essential for maintaining healthy indoor air quality. With eco plantation shutters you can control natural ventilation by allowing the fresh outdoor air in when the blades are open.  

4. Natural light- Natural light is a secret weapon in homes. When we walk into a home which has great natural light we think ‘wow what a wonderful space this is, I am enjoying being in it’, without really realising why. Natural light has positive impacts on our health, well-being and productivity, it’s not until you’ve been in a home with little to no natural light that you realise natural light is key.

5. Quality – at ehi we have partnered with industry leaders MYT to bring you all the benefits of eco shutters without compromising on quality. You can rest assure our years of research and continued research has meant we have secured the optimum plantation shutter range. You can read more about quality here.

6. Qualified Installation- in order to ensure you are making a worthwhile investment it is always recommended to have your plantation shutters correctly installed by a qualified professional. At ehi, all out installers are trade qualified. They pride themselves on exceptional craftsmanship to ensure that your new investment in plantation shutters complements your home perfectly.

At ehi we have an interactive eco plantation shutter display in our showroom for you to have a play and see the quality and function for yourself.

Why not pop in for a cuppa and a chat.

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