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Custom Made Australian Blinds Versus Off The Shelf Blinds

Make no mistake, off the shelf blinds are cheaper than Custom made Australian blinds. If you are lucky enough to have your window measurements the exact size of the blind, then you may be in luck. You can pop into a hardware store or fabric store and pick up one if they have your size in stock.

But is it a case of buy cheap and buy twice?

Let's look at the differences....

Off the Shelf Blinds

• Cheaper.

• Limited colour range and styles.

• Made only to certain sizes.

• Limited advice in store on colour, design, fitting advice.

• You install yourself. Do you know what you are doing before you start drilling into your house?

• Made overseas and shipped to Australia, so shipping cost included in that cheap price.

• Made by overseas workers on overseas wages.

• Often not made from scratch but made as one long blind and sliced into lengths.

• Short and limited warranty.

• Parts and servicing not available. When it breaks its finished.

Custom Made in Australia Blinds

Custom made to your exact window measurements.

• Can do really long windows or unusual situations.

• Ultimate unique and customised decorating look just for your home.

• Ability to motorise and connect to home automation systems.

• Choose to put your blind inside the window reveal or outside.

• Unlimited range of colours, textures and designs.

• Fabrics that are anti mould and fire retardant available.

• Can mix and match blinds in same colours but different styles.

• Longer warranty.

• Parts and serving available to extend the life of the blind.

• Made by Australian workers on Australian wages.

• Measured correctly and installed by a professional tradesman.

• Advice on style, colours and how they will be fitted given in the comfort of your home own.

• Fabric and material swatches brought to your home to match your décor.

Something you use every day

After the walls in your home, the windows and window furnishings cover the biggest space in your home, but more importantly you use your blinds every day.

For outside blinds they are exposed to the harsh weather and a cheaper blind can look shabby pretty quickly and ruin your street appeal. Most of the Australian custom-made outside blinds have anti mould and fire retardant treatments in them. The Australian made blind manufacturers have access to leadfree fabrics and fabrics that do not emit any harmful VOCs when warmed up in the hot Australian sun.

The Future is Greener

There is a move in Australia for more sustainability and less waste. It's now more relevant than ever to buy things that are built to last and create less landfill. It appears even the blinds you choose could be part of that decision.

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