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Don't leave it too late!

Too many customers get caught out by failing to select important fixtures and fittings early enough. This can mean they don’t get exactly what they want, OR they end up delaying the completion date. Even worse, it can cost more money at the other end. 

There is a checklist of items you need to get moving on quickly and, believe it or not window coverings are one of them! Most people don't choose their window coverings till last, which can prove to be a real missed opportunity. 

Why on earth should anyone be locking in their window furnishings at the same time as their wall linings and lighting?  We’ll tell you why .... because blinds aren’t what they used to be. There are so many amazing options available these days that just 5 mins in our showroom will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. You can now get amazing voice controlled window furnishings and awnings that open automatically just by talking! Amazing huh.

Say "Alexa, trigger good morning" to turn off the outdoor lights, raise the blinds in the bedroom but lower the blinds in the bathroom to maintain privacy.”

Or say "Ok Google, I'm going on vacation" to turn on certain lights and set schedules on window coverings to mimic activity and increase security


You have to plan for window coverings early for two main reasons:


Create a line item in your budget now called WINDOW FURNISHINGS and get some quotes nice and early so you know what the blinds of your dreams are going to cost you. The last thing you want is to complete your beautiful home build/reno and then only be able to afford some crummy plastic venetians because you forgot to budget for blinds. Get down to our showroom to see what’s available as soon as you can and start the juices flowing!


Take your build/reno plans with you and the amazing team at ehi will talk you through structural and electrical requirements you might never have even considered. If you want motorised blinds, the electrics for them should ideally be roughed-in BEFORE the wall linings go on. That's a super-early stage of the build, so just make sure window furnishings are on your To Do List along with windows, wall linings, plumbing and your electrical plan.

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