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How to create Natural light and softness in your home.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Image Credit: Three birds Renovation

Natural light is a secret weapon in homes. When we walk into a home which has great natural light we think ‘wow what a wonderful space this is, I am enjoying being in it’, without really realising why. Natural light has positive impacts on our health, well-being and productivity, it’s not until you’ve been in a home with little to no natural light and you feel uninspired and miserable that you realise natural light is key.

No matter how good your planning, materials and furniture, if your lighting is not good then you have nothing. One of the imperatives of human nature is to seek daylight within the family home to promote health, happiness and joy.’

“As Humans we have evolved using the sensory stimulations we’re surrounded by and, more often than not, we subconsciously measure a space and define its value to us based on our emotive experience”

At ehi we believe the strategic selection of the right #windowfurnishings can be a great way to maximise natural light within your home. 

Our most favourite choices are;

1. Eco Plantation Shutters - the beautiful #eco plantation shutter is the perfect way to take in the delights of natural light. The individual louvres gives you the ultimate control. Allowing you to manoeuvre the angle of the blades or open the shutter frame completely, filtering the natural light just the way you want it.

2. Verishades Sheers - These beautifully soft #windowfurnishings are one of our most popular furnishings. They combine the functionality of a vertical blind with the elegant appeal of a soft window shade. Made from a wonderfully soft fabric with alternating opaque folds.

So whimsy and breezy - Free from noisy connecting chains and bottom weights, means the Verishade operates quietly and softly settles back into position ever so gently.

For seamless indoor - outdoor living you can conveniently walk through the individual fabric vanes freely – whether they’re open or closed.

The Verishade soft fabric collection provides a timeless colour palette, subtle textures and durable qualities.

Image Credit: Three Birds Renovation


Natural sunlight causes our brain to release a hormone called Serotonin – this being the happy hormone and feel good neurotransmitter – so this means that without sunlight in our homes we are in fact exposing ourselves to the risk of depression, anxiety and an array of other yucky symptoms. Open the blinds and let some natural light and fresh air flow through your home every day!

The range of #windowtreatment options available today is so vast and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to #naturallight flowing in.

Our advice is to visit the showroom where you can see, touch, play and feel the fabrics and materials. Here you will be able to speak with an expert to help you make your final decisions.

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