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NEW - Sustainable Awning Fabrics

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

The world's first awning fabric collection made from recycled PET

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With modern basics blue, weinor has launched the world's first sustainable awning fabric collection made of 85 percent recycled PET. modern basics blue is made of Tempotest Starlight Blue, a sun protection fabric from Parà Tempotest certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The collection was developed in a collaboration between the weinor design studio and Parà Tempotest. Compared to conventional awning covers made of polyester, it impresses with a considerably better environmental balance in terms of energy, CO2 emissions and water consumption. modern basics blue meets the highest quality standards and continues the previous successful modern basics collection with attractive designs for modern outdoor living.

With its new awning fabric collection, weinor is offering the most sustainable awning fabric on the market today, setting new standards in the industry. Developed for outdoor use, the awning fabric collection is suitable for all weinor folding arm and conservatory awnings as well as for the Plaza Viva pergola awning and the Paravento side awning.

The sustainable fabrics are available exclusively from weinor and can be ordered from February 2021.

Sustainable and high-quality sun protection fabric modern basics blue consists of a high-quality polyester sun protection fabric produced in a sustainable and resource-saving way. It contributes significantly to reducing the ecological footprint, as its production is extremely energy-efficient due to PET recycling: its production uses around 60 percent less energy and causes around 45 percent less CO2 emissions than the production of other polyester fabrics through the recycling of disposable bottles. The spinneret dyeing used in all weinor awning fabrics also requires around 90 percent less water than conventional yarn or piece dyeing. In terms of its product characteristics, modern basics blue is in no way inferior to the usual durable and permanently brilliant colours of the existing weinor fabric collection.

UPCYCLING - State of the art sun protection. Creating lasting value from plastic waste.

PET bottles collected Recycling plant sorts and cleans

Plastic melted to chips Spineret dyeing imbeds pigment

Extruding for continuous fibres Multifilament yarn from filaments

Material woven and given finish Finished fabric manufacture at Weinor

Top quality materials and features The recycled base material is food grade PET, a thermoplastic from the polyester family. The fabric's rebound behaviour is improved thanks to the high elasticity of polyester. This results in the best possible fabric stability when the awning is extended. The pigment is already embedded into the fibres during the spinning process by means of a spinneret dyeing process. This means that, unlike with conventional yarn or piece dyeing, the fabric is consistently dyed throughout and therefore remains permanently brilliant in colour. A high-quality Teflon finish makes the fabric insensitive to impurities. The surface is oil, water and dirt-repellent as well as preventing rot. As all the fabrics in the awning cloth collection are made of Tempotest Starlight blue, they are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and block around 98 percent of UV radiation with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+.

Sustainability as part of corporate responsibility The Italian fabric producer Parà has been investing in sustainable production and environmental protection for a long time. " In general, sun and weather protection products are strongly linked to the idea of natural air-conditioning: automated sun protection systems in particular prevent the overheating of living spaces and help reduce the energy required for air conditioning. The special durability of weinor products, which have always been designed for maximum longevity, also contributes to this sustainability concept. The secret behind this is simply high-quality technologies and first-class materials.

See the full Weinor range in the ehi showroom.

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