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The ehi story so far...


It’s been almost 14 years since we first moved to this beautiful place and started our little #ehi business. Over those years a lot has changed. From running a mobile showroom to a state-of-the-art showroom in the industrial area.

All of this has been possible because of the support from you, the local community. It has allowed us to grow, employ more staff, meet beautiful people, help clients create beautiful interior and exterior spaces, research and bring new products to this town. For this we are grateful.

As a result of the growth and changes we have had over the years we decided that the business required a slight re-brand. Re-aligning the brand colours with who we are now. A fresher, softer, lighter look.

So, a complete business re #brand process was conducted. The process has been intense, fun, challenging, revealing and rewarding! Little did we know that it would take quite that long! With the assistance of Rebecca Henshaw from Henshaw business. Her professional guidance allowed us to explore and document our brand personality/culture to help us create new brand clarity.

Bec is not only amazing at #businessbranding, she has also created our new website, assists with #digitalmarketing, and most importantly has given us the tools to self-manage all of this.

This means that over the coming weeks you will see the old logo….and the new one filtrating through. As new signage is installed at the showroom, vehicles, uniform…. actually everything. A big job! We hope this isn’t too confusing and that you love the new fresh look as much as we do.

Here’s to another 14 years!


Choosing new brand colours was the best part of the rebrand. So much fun to be had.

Once we had established what our brand personalty goals were, we then set about to learn the emotional associations for colour.

For us we chose dark blue, mint with a hint of coral all on a white background.

These colours, for us add a freshness, softened the overall look whilst still maintaining a quality and strength.


Dark blue brings professionalism, security and formality. It is mature and trustworthy.

Mint Green, evokes stability, prosperity, growth and a connection to nature.

While Coral brings a sense of fun and freindliness.

With white creating simplicity and quality.

Like colour, shapes also have emotional meaning. And intruducing circles allowed us to bring a softness, freindliness and a sense of community to the brand.

We have had a lot of fun creating our new fresh brand and look forward to sharing with you for many years to come.


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