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Trend Alert :Visual & Sensory Texture

Texture - Texture - Texture

Texture - This is very exciting news for us at ehi. As more and more people realise the significant role window furnishings play in creating your interior life. It looks as though texture will be king in interiors come 2019, as we become more conscious about what type of spaces we would like to create and how we would like to feel in our homes.

“As Humans we have evolved using the sensory stimulations we’re surrounded by and, more often than not, we subconsciously measure a space and define its value to us based on our emotive experience”

Woven materials and green prints add a textural calm

Both visual texture and sensory texture will be mainstays in decoration andwill come through via colour, matte finishes, timbers, grass cloth or woven materials.

To ensure a space is visually appealing, elements of colour, shape, pattern, and texture come together to create a seamless space that ignites the senses without you even knowing it.

Texture in interior design refers to the surface quality of a material. Take a basic roller blind for example. Whether the blind fabric is smooth, brightly coloured woven or embroidered, it’s got a texture. This is an important part of the interior design puzzle, because it helps dictate how a room feels on first glance.

Visual Texture

Distinctive fabric colours, prints, patterns and layering will drive the visual texture in window furnishings. Deviating from the typical greys and whites that have been on trend for the last couple of years. There will be nourishing earthy tones from pastels, nudes, shades of apricot, stonewashed blues and the new spirited pantone colour of the year Living Coral. Pared with bolder greens, mints, terracotta and watermelon these colures and patterns will help us create a softness and tranquillity in the home.

Sensory Texture

Sensory texture will come through via timbers, embossed prints, and woven materials when it comes to the dressing of windows in 2019. Woven blinds will see a resurgence as they offer the home owner an abundance of texture and are visually stunning. Available in a range of natural organic weaves, French woven timbers and sustainable materials.

Natural wild reeds, winter grasses, timbers, twines, flax, bamboos & cottons will send you into textual heaven!

How to incorporate texture for Window Furnishings

The range of options available today is so vast we are spoilt for choice when creating texture on our windows. From colour to patterns to layering and woven materials you will be surprised just how easy it is to create texture.

Our advice is to start with a colour palette, be adventurous but true to your style. And then visit a showroom where you can see, touch, play and feel the fabrics and materials. Here you will be able to speak with an expert help to make your final decisions.

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