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Unlock the power of voice control

Experience a Somfy #smarthome with endless opportunities.

The convenience of Somfy-motorised window coverings just got even simpler with IFTTT compatibility.

Now you can control your window coverings with voice commands or set automatic actions through the IFTTT app.

Read on to discover the opportunities of Somfy and IFTTT.

Voice Control

The exciting addition of IFTTT means you can now control your Somfy RTS products with your voice. Using your Connexoon Window RTS device, and your voice-controlled assistant, you can operate your window coverings and Phillips HUE lights with simple voice commands.

Talking to either your Google Home or Amazon Echo device, you can use simple commands such as "Alexa, trigger good morning", "Ok Google, good night", "Alexa, trigger I'm home" or even "Ok Google, launch movie scenario" to trigger actions for your Somfy-motorised window coverings. 

Some actions you can create are:

- Say "Alexa, trigger good morning" to turn off the outdoor lights, raise the blinds in the bedroom but lower the blinds in the bathroom to maintain privacy.

- Say "Ok Google, I'm going on vacation" to turn on certain lights and set schedules on window coverings to mimic activity and increase security.

Works with Amazon Alexa!

Amazon Echo

- "Alexa, trigger sunny day"

- "Alexa, trigger movie time"

Works with Google Assistant!

Google Home

- "Ok Google, let's party"

- "Ok Google, leaving home"

- "Ok Google, goodnight"


You can now automate your daily routine for a complete smart home experience. The possibilities are endless and it's all up to you. Here are some example scenarios you can set up through IFTTT:

You can set your curtains to open at 7am every weekday to gently wake youYou can set your external venetian blinds to close every day at sunset to keep the warmth inWhen your phone connects to your home's WiFi, a Connexoon scenario determined by you will be launchedWhen you leave home, all your window coverings will close for added peace of mindWhen the UV index is too high, your window coverings will automatically close to keep your home cool and protect the furnishings insideLaunch a Connexoon scenario when you enter a certain area, based on geolocation

For more information on Connexoon Window RTS and IFTTT compatibility, contact ehi today! Come in and speak to the South Coast Somfy Experts in the ehi showroom to experience a demo on this smart technology.

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