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The environment cannot speak for itself, but we can...

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Responsible. Conscious. Safe.

Is a shutter a shutter?

In Australia there are huge variations in the materials used and the manufacturing process of plantation shutters. With no regulations in place in the industry we have, after years of research done the homework for you. Bringing to the Eurobodalla a shutter that reflects a different way of doing shutters. A shutter that is safe for the whole family.

A shutter that is responsibly and sustainably sourced, certified non-toxic (water based painted), and Low VOC (Volatile Organic Material). You won't need to worry about oil based paints and manmade products omitting VOC's into your home.

Window furnishings are exposed to the full force of the sun, exposing them to heat, therefore omissions, so it makes sense when choosing window furnishings that you are aware of what materials they are made from.

At ehi, we are passionate about working towards a sustainable future. We continue to partner with companies who are at the forefront of innovation in this industry.

We are proud to partner with MYT shutters, where all the materials are sourced from eco-friendly channels, and who are constantly modifying their manufacturing techniques to become more energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint. The used timber is harvested from responsible and sustainable plantations, benefiting both you and the environment.

  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • Lead free and non-toxic chemicals

  • Sustainably sourced materials

  • Certified non-toxic

Living an eco-minded, sustainable, green safe life in the home doesn’t mean you have to go to extreme measures. With small steps you can create a lighter footprint and safer atmosphere in your home.

Prioritising your family’s health means selecting the right materials for interior furnishings is crucial. By choosing certified non-toxic, low voc materials that are recyclable, responsibly and sustainable sourced you will be able to create your own safe and nurturing sanctuary.

Start you your healthy home Journey with our eco plantation shutters.

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