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What makes a product eco-friendly?

In this day and age in Australia, lots of homeowners are beginning to take their responsibility for the impact their lifestyle has on the environment. It takes a lot of time, effort and research to ensure the products we are using are not having a negative impact on the environment.

The #windowfurnishings industry is making changes to how products are made, sourced and recycled. Although the industry still has a long way to go, there are changes now been made by a few forward thinking industry leaders.

So what makes a product eco?

There are several different factors that go into making any product eco-friendly. Here are the five questions that you need to ask.

At ehi we are beyond pleased to partner with a company who are leading the way in eco plantation shutter manufacturing. A breath of fresh air in the industry. Producing a product that is sustainable, non-toxic, low-voc and safe for Australian family homes.

We will continue to research, learn and advocate for change, so we can bring products into our range that are friendlier to mother earth.

You can read more about the eco shutters we supply here:

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